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Spa-like glow from the kitchen? These DIY face masks will give you the dew you desire!

Well, we all crave the healthy glow every once in a while but it is a dream especially when you’ve not been following your skincare regime. Fret not! There’s nothing our vanity cannot fix and today, we bring you the best DIY face masks that will lend you an instant glow and supple skin. Let’s […]

The Ideal Guide to Cruelty-free Makeup

People have started becoming conscious about the cruelty-free cosmetics that are currently present in the market. They are more inclined towards spending money on those products, which have not been tested on animals. According to a research that has been conducted, almost hundred and fifteen million animals are used every year for various experiments, and […]


Habits are often not chosen but formed, but who wants dull and damaged skin or hair at any given cost? Beauty isn’t just the art of concealing or looking flawless but the improvement from within.  To wake you and burst the ‘I do the best for my skin’ bubble, we bring you a list of […]

V Day Gifting Ideas for Her

This Valentine, pamper your lady love with clean and concentrated products! ’Tis the season of love and valentine’s day is around the corner. You cannot pamper your lady love enough but make sure you do the most that you can. Gift your beautiful woman some amazing organic products that will let her shine like a […]

Men, you need Skin care too!

Beauty is often perceived as a feminine term while we totally disagree and know that men need to care about their skin in order to look handsome and flawless. Though the industry is still learning the difference in feminine and masculine skin and its care, we are here to wake the men of today and […]

Do you really need a Toner?

Skincare and Beauty are the most complex on-going part of our lives that forms a personal constellation for every other person. One such part of skincare regime, that’s well debated about, is toner.  We all have questioned whether or not our skin and shelf need a bottle of the toner but haven’t really come to […]

Eye Creams: A hit or A miss?

Do you belong in the age group where taking care of your skin, efficiently, has become mandatory? If yes, then you must’ve walked through the tough decision of ‘Whether or not to include an eye cream in your regime’.  To drag you to the poll of positivity, we have come up with supportive and proven […]

Haircare Bestsellers of 2018

Haircare is definitely one of the major concerns in today’s times but there’s no denying that its often neglected. Our hair go through a lot be it heat, pollution, chemicals, dyes and what not! Its high time we start showing our hair some love and care by using chemical-free and natural products. Below we are […]