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Give more power to your beautiful hair with a shampoo

A shampoo is more than just getting your hair clean. A glossy and healthy-looking hair can make you feel great. To achieve that feeling, a shampoo is an imperative hair care product that nourishes and restores your hair, after every wash, making your hair healthy, clean, smooth and manageable over time.

Give your hair nourishment and gentle cleansing with products at Vanity Wagon

Protect your hair from the daily wear-n-tear with products on offer at Vanity Wagon. We offer an all-inclusive range from nourishing, hydrating, smoothing, color-safe shampoos to the thickening, hair fall control, and anti-dandruff varieties. Our products from renowned brands, enriched with active components like henna, shikakai, honey, sandalwood, aloe vera etc. help fortify your hair irrespective of whether you have, dry, normal or oily hair.

Go out with confidence and pride with our hits at Vanity Wagon

Choose from our best-selling choices offered by Khadi Natural, Organic Harvest, Biotique and many more depending on your hair type. Explore from varied online choices and pave the headway to healthy and gorgeous hair.